Eastern Counties Refrigeration Ltd specializes in the design and installation of air conditioning systems for a wide variety of applications which include:

  • Offices, shops, hotels and restaurants.
  • Domestic premises.
  • Computer rooms and data centres.
  • Production areas.
  • Temperature and humidity controlled rooms for laboratories and industrial and research establishments.

We work with most of the leading manufacturers of air conditioning equipment to ensure we meet all clients’ needs.

  • Small split systems for office and retail applications which include wall, floor and ceiling mounted indoor air conditioning units.
  • Variable refrigerant volume (VRV) systems for larger office complexes where a number of indoor air conditioning units operate from a single external condensing unit.
  • Close control air conditioning systems for computer rooms that are specifically designed for the application and can include both temperature and humidity control together with very accurate microprocessor control.
  • Air handling units that offer both temperature and humidity control together with high levels of filtration.
  • Ducted air conditioning units for industrial areas.

Ventilation and Heat Recovery

Fresh air ventilation is vital in order to maintain a clean and comfortable environment in offices, shops, restaurants and many other different areas where people work and relax. The ventilation system removes stale air from a room and replaces it with treated fresh air. There are guidelines which recommend the quantity of fresh air to be introduced per person to differing environments.

Ventilation is also a necessity in laboratory and industrial applications where a process introduces pollutants into the working environment.

In its most basic form a fresh air ventilation system consists of simple supply and extract fans. However, it is desirable to treat the fresh air by filtering it and heating it to the desired room temperature. The air may also be cooled during summer. An air handling unit is often installed which contains the supply fan, filters, heaters and cooling coils, although the fresh air can be treated by an air conditioning unit if one is present. An extract system should also be installed to balance the supply and extract airflows.

The most economical fresh air ventilation system makes use of heat recovery. The heat recovery system pre-heats or pre-cools the fresh air using the outgoing extract air. These very efficient systems are built into air handling units that can be concealed in a ceiling in small commercial applications or they can form part of a larger ducted system in industrial applications.