Eastern Counties Refrigeration Ltd specializes in the design and installation of refrigeration systems for the food, agricultural and pharmaceutical industries.

We provide a wide range of refrigeration systems which range from small walk in chillers and freezers for the retail market to large temperature controlled coldstores for food producers.

These systems are designed specifically to suit our customers requirements and applications include:
  • Short and long term storage for fruit, vegetable and salad products.
  • Chill rooms for meat products.
  • Air conditioned and chilled food production and dispatch areas.
  • High humidity and controlled atmosphere storage for fruit and vegetables.
  • Blast freezers and low temperature stores.
  • Chilled glycol systems.
  • Storage for cut flowers and pot plants.
  • Water chilling systems for industrial processes.
  • Controlled environmental chambers for laboratories, specialist productions areas and plant growth rooms.


Eastern Counties Refrigeration can supply and install cold-rooms for a wide variety of applications. Again, these vary from small walk in cold-rooms for the retail sector to large insulated structures for food and pharmaceutical companies.

Cold-rooms are usually constructed using PIR foam insulated fire rated panels, PIR insulation is environmentally sustainable and has a zero ozone depletion potential. The panel surfaces within the cold-room are clad with galvanized steel which is coated with a chemically inert polymer film that provides a hygienic food safe finish. Other insulation materials such as Rockwool and polyurethane can be offered.

Freezers will be installed complete with floor insulation, floor heater mats where necessary, door heaters and pressure relief valves.

All cold-rooms are designed and built to suit the customers individual requirements